Find comfort and support for your family while surrounded by the healing powers of nature at our TAPS Family Campout. Family campouts allow your family to step away from the stresses of daily life, learn about your individual grief journey as well as how to grieve as a family and give you tools for the path ahead.
Through camp activities, like rope courses, swimming and nature walks, family time and separate group time for adults and children, we'll learn coping skills, communication skills and ways to enrich the family unit.
TAPS Family Campouts are for children ages 6 to 17 and their parents or guardians. Both children and guardians will participate in camp activities. We will provide child care during the camp for the families who bring along siblings younger than 6.
Due to the programming at our Family Campouts, we encourage families to have attended a regional or national event prior to the Family Campout.
This is your application process, by filling this out it does not guarantee you a spot in the camp. An email will be sent letting you know if you are able to register for the event, or if your application is waitlisted.
For more information, visit our webpage at www.TAPS.org/events or call us at 202-588-8277.

* How many guardians will be applying?
* How many children will be applying?
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* Please list the names, ages, and relationship to service member of all applying. (i.e. Minnie Mouse 11 daughter, Mickey Mouse 15 son, Daisy Duck 42 spouse)
* Will you be a willing participant with your children in the activities provided? Activities such as: swimming, ziplining, giant swing, laser tag, and rock climbing.
* Please share with us your reason for applying to the TAPS Tennessee Family Campout.
* What do you hope to gain (your family's goals) from the TAPS Tennessee Family Campout?
* Is there anything else you'd like to share with TAPS?

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