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I understand that this restricted site is intended for the private use of and safe exchange of information among adult (18 years of age and older): survivors who have been affected by the death of a person whose life included military service as well as volunteers and supporters of TAPS.

(If you have experienced multiple military losses, please list most recent first. Your account can hold information for up to three Loved Ones.)


By accepting the terms of the agreement and typing full name in the electronic signature below, I verify that the personal information I provide to TAPS is accurate and agree to abide by any and all restrictions set forth on this site, including, but not limited to the "Terms" of use. Furthermore, I agree that I will not use the TAPS Portal and Online Community to attempt interviews with group members for research or other purposes. I will maintain all conversations in a supportive, respectful, and compassionate manner, and will refrain from engaging in divisive topics (i.e., politics, religion).