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TAPS-04 - Caregivers to Military Survivors
Understanding Grief, A Journey Towards Healing

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Course Prerequisite:

This course is intended for individuals who are not military survivors themselves but are working with or caring for military survivors.

Please Note: TAPS does NOT offer Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits for completion of this course. For more information on earning CEU credits, visit TAPS Professional Education page.

Course Certification by:
Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS)

Course Overview:

  • Define Grief, Mourning and Bereavement
  • List 3 Myths About Grief
  • Define the Process of Adaptation
  • List the Elements of the Grief Process
  • Discuss the New Language for Grief and Define 3 New Terms
  • Identify the Uniqueness of Grief in the Military
  • Discuss the Relationship Between Grief and Trauma
  • Identify 4 Strategies for Providing Effective Support for the Bereaved
This is an orientation course in the grief process. It includes the myths of grief, fundamentals of the grief and adaptation process, the uniqueness of military grief, grief and trauma and ways to help the bereaved.